We can fill the missing skill sets in your team by helping you find the leading women in tech.

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Help bridge the gap in diversity. Provide opportunities to women in tech, return to work mums and women in leadership, and support the movement towards gender equity.

Tailored solutions to address your Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) challenges
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When you work with us, you'll get…

An authentic, well-nurtured partnership that doesn’t just stop when your candidate is hired – our care is ongoing.

Our expert talent search professionals specialise in providing tailored, authentic solutions to address your Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) challenges. We act with integrity first, always.

Our ethos is that diversity is more than just a 'tick the box' exercise. So we partner only with genuinely progressive organisations who fully believe and embrace this (and if you’re seeking a ‘band-aid approach’, we aren’t it!).

We don’t see ourselves as simply recruiters, but actively working to fix a deeply ingrained issue in the tech industry.

When you work with us, you're working with the experts who really get it. Because we've lived it. We help you build a better culture.

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We will connect you to the best women in tech. Our comprehensive candidate selection process considers insights into the type of organisations they want to be in, and how to best create this type of environment. From this, we can determine who is best suited to your organisation, and how they’ll be able to thrive there.

We consider your strategic needs and goals, business objectives and future plans to make sure we choose only the most suitable candidates.

And, to match the rapid changes constantly occurring in the tech world, all our candidates are newly trained, coached and upskilled across both technical and soft skills. Our candidates are confident, job-ready, and motivated to succeed with you.

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Our Services

We support women in tech and the organisations that employ them across all industries.
From graduate level through to women in leadership and return to work mums.

In-depth recruitment expertise in the following fields:

Project Services
Digital (UX/UI/CX/Mobile/Cloud)
IT Security and Cyber Security
Data Science, Analytics & Engineering
Strategy and Architecture
Testing and Quality Assurance

Executive coaching and mentoring with industry experts

Meet The Mentors

Claire Rogers

Claire Rogers is a strategic leader with deep expertise in driving growth, innovation, and transformation across a broad range of financial services and for purpose entities.

She has achieved market leading performance through a clear understanding of business and customer context and executing at pace by developing and inspiring teams, shaping culture for purpose with agility.

A social innovator with entrepreneurial skills, she has successfully led large and small organisations across multiple industries to achieve growth through digital.

James Fazzino

James Fazzino is a strategic leader with an impressive track record taking local Australian business through significant growth & expansion into international markets.

He was the Managing Director and CEO of Incitec Pivot (IPL). Over his 14 year tenure, first as CFO and then as CEO, the company increased in size 6-fold to an enterprise value of $8bn.

Mike Foster

Mike Foster was previously the CEO and Executive Director of Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand (FANZ). In line with restructuring of Fujitsu’s global organization he was appointed as Head of the Oceania Region in April 2014 reporting directly to the Global President.

He had been instrumental in driving the company’s business strategy at the enterprise level and to develop Fujitsu’s presence as a Tier 1 Technology Services Integrator with over 5,000 people in Australia and New Zealand.

Anna Leibel

Anna Leibel is a Director of The Secure Board, a Non-Executive Director and senior executive across the financial services, management consulting, telecommunications and technology industries.

With three decades experience in leading customer, business and digital change, she is a sought after advisor to Boards, Chief Executives and IT leaders on digital transformation, data, cyber, leadership and culture.

Dr. Catherine Lopes

Dr. Catherine Lopes is a strategic team leader, an outcome and value focused data scientist, a data and business driven consultant, and a passionate educator in data and analytics.

Her recent focus is on helping organizations to uplift business performance by developing data and analytics strategy, applying broad range analytics including machine learning and AI through a governed enterprise data management framework and process.

Dinithi Abeysinghe

Dinithi is an experienced Head Of Information Technology with a demonstrated history of working in the utilities and financial services industries.

Skilled in Management, Software Engineering, Solution Architecture, IT Operations, Service Delivery, and Agile Methodologies, Dinithi is currently working as Head of Technology Delivery at UniSuper.

Tanushree Parial

Tanushree is a people-centred leader and a "perpetual student" who brings a pragmatic approach to delivery and technology innovation.

Her ability to bring people together to solve problems, along with her technical delivery background, adaptability and cross-cultural competence are the unique strengths that help her create and lead engaged and effective teams.

Holly Bailey

Holly has 14 years of professional experience supporting high-level executives, and has worked as a community builder in several organisations, helping to not only foster a positive working environment internally, but grow the business through networking and business development.

Holly is a passionate advocate for the advancement of girls in sport and leadership.

Jennifer Rebeiro

Jennifer is the Chief Information Officer at City West Water. Jennifer has led teams across a wide range of industries and functions, challenging and transforming each one to respond to the evolving business environment and changing community expectations.

Jennifer was named as one of the Top 50 CIO’s in Australia  in 2021(#5) and 2020.

Jennifer has managed a number of operational areas and projects ranging across a wide set of industries, from Banking and Finance, Transport, Manufacturing, Property Services, Telecommunications and Government.

She has over 20 years across diverse industries where she has gained excellence in  digital technology, transformation, project management and change management.

Jennifer has a Master of IT Management, Master of Business Administration, a Bachelor of Business, is a Graduate member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and has a range of ICT and project management industry accreditation's.

Jennifer sits on IWN Executive Group, SWAN Global Council and Wyndham Tech School Committee.

Jennifer’s core strengths are her people focus, business mindset and having the courage to bring bold ideas to life through determination, influence, cross organisational collaboration and hard work. Continually learning from her own successes and challenges and those of her colleagues and team, Jennifer demonstrates her unwavering commitment to creating a learning and positive culture.

How does our mentoring work?

Our mentoring program is built on the belief that success leaves clues. Having this additional support allows you to model someone who is already getting the results that you want. Founder of Mentor List, David Lewis, has now interviewed over 200 CEO’s, leaders and experts and currently mentors and coaches some of today’s top CEO’s through our Mastermind programs. And he’s come to realise, if you want to enhance mastery, find somebody that is already getting that result. Figure out how they do it, and do the same thing.

If someone is successful not once, not twice, but consistently over time, it’s not because they are lucky, it’s because they have a strategy. They may not even know their strategy consciously, but they do have one. And if you study them, you can figure out what it is and you can save yourself decades of trial and error in learning. This is the number one secret to mastery. We’re inviting you to get in on that secret.

Candidate-focused training & development

  • Through partnerships with organisations such as RMIT Online, Beyond Testing and Play Like a Girl.
  • Programs are delivered via a combination of group and individual training sessions.
  • Intensive Express Upskilling Courses.

Our Company Values

At Mentor List Talent, we pride ourselves on having clear, cohesive values that guide us in all our decisions – from what we do to who we work with.


This is at the forefront of what we do, ensuring that every individual has an equal opportunity to make the most of their lives and talents.


We build trust through transparency and open, authentic communication. We do this with our colleagues, clients and partners. We value diversity and are inclusive. We assume positive intent.


Every journey and story for each individual is different, from clients through to employees to candidates. Collectively, we understand one another's story without judgement, we ask questions and we listen. It is imperative to pay attention and be one unit in what we all know can lend itself to be a challenging and competitive environment. We remember that we are all humans and treat people how we would like to be treated.


Humility and gratitude help us work collaboratively and accomplish more. We are one team, unified by our purpose and vision.


This all started with a passion to find a solution to a topic that has been trying to make a breakthrough for so long. When facing inevitable challenges, we remind ourselves of why we began in the first place. It's the passion for what we do that helps us achieve the best results for our clients and candidates alike.


Perseverance and sheer determination to make an impact. Our commitment to our work is reflected in the quality of our deliverables.

Meet some of our amazing partners

RMIT Online

100% online education, from short courses to full degree programs. Upskill now for the business of tomorrow. Change the way you think about studying.

All Mentor List Talent employers and job seekers receive discounted courses.

Tech Tribe

Inspiring & nurturing our next generation leaders. Engage in networking, panel discussion & mentoring opportunities.

Connect with like-minded people in business and technology

Play Like a Girl

Play Like a Girl is the first leadership development program in Australia to guide the personal and professional journey of girls through a sports lens. The flagship program gives girls a five-step blueprint to building a toolbox of mindset and self-belief strategies that can be used in any arena where a girl wants to make her mark.

Beyond Testing

Software Testing Coaching and Specialist Consulting. With decades of experience in managing testing across a range of enterprises and delivery models, Beyond Testing can help you develop a testing strategy to build on your existing capabilities.

Brilliant Women Global

Brilliant Women Global is a purpose driven network connecting professionals who share the values of diversity and inclusion. They advocate for diversity and inclusion and are a highly collegiate network of women available for Board roles and transformation projects.

And the inspiring woman behind Mentor List TALENT

Sharon Daly

Sharon Daly

I have over 16 years' experience within the recruitment industry with 10+ years of recruitment within technology across Europe, Asia and Australia.

After a solid stint in technical recruitment working within male dominant environments, I made it my life's mission to ensure women don't have to struggle so much and have this additional pressure to prove themselves. I can honestly say as difficult as it was, I am glad I overcame the challenges that most women in tech endure, because now I can help others as I've lived through the challenge myself.

I am very fortunate and lucky to currently be surrounded by inspiring female leaders and male champions of change who are just as passionate about turning this all around as I am.

When I set out on this journey I was told "You will be shovelling bleep up a hill", to which I responded. "I will carry the biggest shovel".

Fast forward a year and it is already coming to fruition, those changes are already happening. All it takes is baby steps, perseverance, the right attitude and YES it’s been challenging, but if you want change, you never give up!

Hear From Those We've Helped In The Past...

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