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We advocate for Women in Tech, Return to Work Mums and Women in Leadership.

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We believe you have the ability to do anything when you surround yourself with the right people.

Unfortunately, the recruitment process can be so arduous and complex that you find a lot of ‘not-quite-right’ instead.

So we’ve done the hard work for you.

Our candidates are invited to meet with only the best organisations, whose values and purpose align with our own – that is, to advocate for women in tech, return to work mums and women in leadership.

We're committed to helping women just like you, whether you’re a woman in tech searching for your next best role, a return to work mum wondering how to break back into the workforce, or a woman in leadership searching for a new opportunity.

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Great talent can be hard to find. And once you’ve got it, it can be just as hard to retain it.

If you’re finding the talent acquisition process to be more challenging than it should be, we can help.

Mentor List Talent candidates are women in tech, return to work mums and women in leadership, who haven’t lost their edge.

Plus, once our candidates have been recruited, we offer them our ongoing support and training to ensure a streamlined transition into your organisation.

Our team of experts will help you bridge the gap in diversity by connecting progressive organisations like yours to the bright minds and sharp knowledge of women in tech and women in leadership.

Advocate for change, and get the best people for your team at the same time.

Vision & Purpose

Our vision is to bridge the gap in diversity, eliminate stereotypes of women in tech, leadership and return to work mums, and cultivate a new, evolutionary mindset around the hiring process in today’s organisations.

Our purpose? To make your lives EASIER! (Evolve Adapt Simplify Innovate Excel Results).

Why Work With Us?

Mentor List Talent is run by Sharon Daly, Managing Director, with extensive experience in the tech and recruitment industries. We have firsthand knowledge of the trials of both the recruiting process for organisations, and for the job searching process for women in tech, return to work mums and women in leadership.

We carefully vet our candidates and the organisations we work with to find the best talent for our clients, and the best opportunities for our talent.

For employers? We’ll work with your talent acquisition and management team to elevate and enhance your current practices for addressing diversity challenges and gender equity.

And for job seekers? We’ll support you on your journey to finding the perfect role that suits your individual needs, whether you’re a woman in tech, a return to work mum or a woman in leadership. We represent you, your skills and talents, your experience and your life situation – whatever it may be.

But we take it one step further. Not only do we assist with the support and hiring of exceptional women for exceptional organisations, we also provide advisory services, as well as assessment and development frameworks that create environments where everyone thrives.

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