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Mentor List Talent is committed to ensuring you have a positive, refreshing experience on the journey to your next opportunity.

The recruitment process can be disheartening, draining and exhausting, especially for women in tech and return to work mums. We support our candidates right from the start by ensuring we only pair you with potential employers who are aligned with our mission of bridging the gender diversity gap and providing a safe environment where women in tech, return to work mums and women in leadership can thrive.

Then after we find you an aligned role, we offer any support, necessary upskilling, mentoring and training to help you feel even more confident about your unique values and capabilities, and streamline the transition into your new position.

Most importantly, we understand how huge a decision it is to make your next career move, and it’s not one we take lightly. So when you join us, you get our combined knowledge, expertise and experiences to help you find the ideal career outcome.

But what matters above all is that we understand ‘ideal’ looks different for every candidate, and we work together until we find yours.

Who We aRE

We are humble, compassionate advocates for women in tech, because we are women in tech. And in a traditionally male-dominated industry, we're on a mission to support women in leadership and return to work mums.

We go the extra mile. With out of the box thinking, whether you're an employer looking for a talent solution or a job seeker looking for your next career move, we'll match your story with their story.

Steered by a team of recruitment and tech specialists who understand the struggles and challenges faced by women in tech, women in leadership and mothers who are returning to work, Mentor List Talent is committed to ensuring you have a constructive, beneficial experience on the journey to your next opportunity.

We partner with carefully selected organisations that value the diversity of skills that women in tech bring to their workplace. We represent you, your talents, your experiences and your life situations.

We understand the negative impacts that come with working in roles that don’t suit you, or struggling to find ones that do.

We aim to find you your home away from home.

What Roles Can We Help You Find?

In a fast-growing industry, our specialised talent experts can help you find tech roles such as:
Project Services
Digital - UX/UI/CX/Mobile/Cloud/DevOps
IT Security/Cyber Security
Digital and business transformation
Data science, analytics and engineering
Strategy and architecture
Testing and quality assurance

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Join our team today. Become one of our candidates and benefit from:

Exposure To Opportunities

Within progressive organisations who embrace gender equity and diversity

Mentoring & Up-Skilling

To ensure you have the ability to thrive within these organisations

Mentor List Connections

Within progressive organisations who embrace gender equity and diversity

Interview Preparation

So you can start strong, returning to the workforce with confidence

Professional Application Representation

For bespoke applications that highlight your best skills, talents and capabilities

Career Guidance & Consultation

Because at Mentor List Talent, we don’t want you to do this alone.
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Our Company Values

At Mentor List Talent, we pride ourselves on having clear, cohesive values that guide us in all our decisions – from what we do to who we work with.


This is at the forefront of what we do, ensuring that every individual has an equal opportunity to make the most of their lives and talents.


We build trust through transparency and open, authentic communication. We do this with our colleagues, clients and partners. We value diversity and are inclusive. We assume positive intent.


Every journey and story for each individual is different, from clients through to employees to candidates. Collectively, we understand one another's story without judgement, we ask questions and we listen. It is imperative to pay attention and be one unit in what we all know can lend itself to be a challenging and competitive environment. We remember that we are all humans and treat people how we would like to be treated.


Humility and gratitude help us work collaboratively and accomplish more. We are one team, unified by our purpose and vision.


This all started with a passion to find a solution to a topic that has been trying to make a breakthrough for so long. When facing inevitable challenges, we remind ourselves of why we began in the first place. It's the passion for what we do that helps us achieve the best results for our clients and candidates alike.


Perseverance and sheer determination to make an impact. Our commitment to our work is reflected in the quality of our deliverables.

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And the inspiring woman behind Mentor List TALENT

Sharon Daly

Sharon Daly

I have over 16 years' experience within the recruitment industry with 10+ years of recruitment within technology across Europe, Asia and Australia.

After a solid stint in technical recruitment working within male dominant environments, I made it my life's mission to ensure women don't have to struggle so much and have this additional pressure to prove themselves. I can honestly say as difficult as it was, I am glad I overcame the challenges that most women in tech endure, because now I can help others as I've lived through the challenge myself.

I am very fortunate and lucky to currently be surrounded by inspiring female leaders and male champions of change who are just as passionate about turning this all around as I am.

When I set out on this journey I was told "You will be shovelling bleep up a hill", to which I responded. "I will carry the biggest shovel".

Fast forward a year and it is already coming to fruition, those changes are already happening. All it takes is baby steps, perseverance, the right attitude and YES it’s been challenging, but if you want change, you never give up!

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