January 30, 2022

Return to Work Mums

Claire Rogers shares valuable advice for Return to Work Mums, from her own experiences on overcoming ‘mummy guilt’ and managing expectations.

Last year Mentor List Talented hosted a webinar for Return to Work Mums with an insightful presentation by Claire Rogers. Claire shared valuable advice from her own experiences on how to overcome ‘mummy guilt’, manage your expectations for yourself, and establish boundaries with your employer. She also discussed how to maintain balance in your life and how to ask for what you need.

In line with Mentor List Talent’s diverse initiatives to support women in leadership, women in technology and return-to-work mums, Sharon Daly, our own Managing Director, chatted to Claire about her experience as a mum returning to work. We talked about how societal challenges, discrimination, and even our own mindsets can become obstacles to a woman’s desire to return to work after having a child.

About Claire Rogers

Former Chief Executive Officer of World Vision Australia, Head of Digital Banking, Strategy and Innovation at ANZ and Director of Melbourne Business School are just some of the many impressive titles that you can see on Claire Rogers’ resume. On top of that, Claire is also a mother of two.