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Your trusted Diversity Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) advocacy partner

We represent, advocate for and provide opportunities to Women in the Workplace and support The Movement Towards Gender Equity across Australia & New Zealand.

Another Mentor List Talent initiative is our Executive Search Specialisation aligning with our Mentor List elite, extensive Executive & Leadership network.

Our goal is to be Fierce and to assist Women in the Workplace to retain and maintain their Fierce













How can we help?

We assist and advocate for organisations who have great intentions and want to piece this jigsaw together properly to make the right impact.

Whether organisations are in the early phases, middle phases or fully developed strategies for their Diversity Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) initiatives, we are there for you!

This is a giant jigsaw puzzle that needs careful nurturing because we all know how it feels when you lose that one piece of the puzzle or you don’t know where to place a few pieces (it’s infuriating right?) Well, let us help you…

We provide so much more than just


advocacy ...

Mentor List Talent will assist you in bringing gender equality to your tech teams

We will provide ongoing support and feedback for all of our wonderful women in tech/leadership who join your organisation

Our women in tech will also receive 6 months free access to Mentor List MAX once they join your organisation which is invaluable to their career, with topics such as Leadership, improve your soft skills, Working in male dominant environments, Tips for return to work mums, Critical thinking, self-awareness

For technical upskilling, where women in tech are missing a tech skill, we can arrange for upskilling with one of our leading partners

 Helping your business understand the importance of DE&I to their business: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Coach to the Board, Executives and Leadership.

Dashboard (real time data) to show exactly how your organisation currently looks and strategy of how it needs to get there.

Real time view – watch your progress unfold through visual data

Meet some of our team who are just like you


Our mascot and emotional support. Oscar sniffs out those who are genuine about addressing DE&I issues and those who have the "tick box" mentality. He has a no-tolerance policy.


Our mascot and emotional support. Oscar sniffs out those who are genuine about addressing DE&I issues and those who have the "tick box" mentality. He has a no-tolerance policy.

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DE&I Coordinator
(Partnerships, Marketing, Women in Tech Talent, Events Coordination)

My goal is to take the stress out of the job search process for Women in Tech, create an enjoyable, relatable experience of value for Women in Tech, Women in Leadership and return to work mums. As a return to work mum myself, I myself like to sail through a hassle free process which is why we have created a customised care pack adventure for each of our individual super women's journey to their next role including ongoing support within their new role, this can make or break your thought process about yourself or the job you apply for. I am here to ensure the journey to your next role is pleasant, seamless and fulfilling.

Sharon (Shaz)

Managing Director

Irish roots, Australian Citizen, dog lover, MASSIVE passion for DE&I, obsessed with coffee, chorizo and oysters. Commenced my career as a woman in tech building Dell Computers. After a solid stint in technical recruitment working within male dominant environments, I made it my life's mission to ensure women don't have to struggle so much and have this additional pressure to prove themselves. I can honestly say as difficult as it was, I am glad I overcame the challenges that most women in tech endure, because now I can help others as I've lived through the challenge myself. When I set out on this journey I was told "You will be shovelling bleep up a hill" to which I responded "I will carry the biggest shovel"


DE&I Principal Consultant (Women in Tech Talent)

As a Return-to-Work Mum myself, living in Australia, I have a strong passion for DE&I. I work hard towards ensuring underrepresented women in tech have a voice and are given the right opportunities to get into the right roles. Having worked in male dominant environments myself, I can relate to the struggle and the politics that we face on a day-to-day basis and the opportunities given to grow are minimal. Along with a deep sense of empathy, my strong interpersonal and communication skills have enabled me to build quality relationships with women in tech, women in leadership and mums returning to work allowing me to proactively collaborate and deliver beyond expectations.


Events Manager

Access our Mentorlist Talent DE&I Article

Mentor List Talent love finding the best roles for the best women in tech. We are a company that stays true to our passion and purpose, and we are adamant about working only with those organisations that have similar values.

Throughout the years, we’ve become very adept at identifying those companies that might be talking the talk, but not quite walking the walk.

But we often hear from our women in tech that when job opportunities come up, they just aren’t sure who to trust! 

After all, if you don’t know what to look for, how can you tell which companies are using DE&I as a hollow tick-the-box, and which companies are advocating for DE&I because they truly believe in it?

Here are some of our thoughts and findings from the past year (plus, how you can recognise companies that might be a little full of it.)

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